Prophecy Fulfillment Marketplace

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White Buffalo

Red Heifer

From “Illustrations of prophecy : particularly the evening and morning visions of Daniel, and the apocalyptical visions of John” (1840)

Siren Genomics has secured a virtual marketplace for the satisfaction of long-term, non-rational, biologically dependent, expectational rewards.

Since the dawn of human consciousness, people have looked towards rare, unpredictable events to signal unseen changes in the world. Eclipses, comets and the appearance of an unusually rare animal, have all been seen by some as harbingers of things to come.

For centuries we have known that the movement of objects in the night sky are a result of the predictable laws of celestial mechanics. The prediction of lunar and solar eclipses may be described with mathematics, and comets are simply balls of rock and ice that are on particularly long solar orbits. Many animal prophecies describe well known mutations that periodically and randomly arise in a population.

While it may be unfeasible to alter the relative positions of celestial objects, the production of reliable genetic mutations is the hallmark of our era.

Siren Genomics offers the world’s first open global marketplace for the fulfillment of biologically-dependent prophecies, matching the needs of expectant followers with a hospitable regulatory framework, and the specialists who are most familiar with the required species and requisite genetics.

In many cases followers have been waiting hundreds of generations for a phenotype to appear. This process could be greatly accelerated using today’s technology.

  • Some Native Americans have been anticipating the appearance of white buffalo for at least a thousand years.1

  • Efforts to systematically inbreed a perfectly red cow in Israel have been ongoing since the 1980’s.2

  • Despite Jesus Christ leaving behind no tissue samples owing to his bodily ascendency, there exist numerous reliquaries world wide, which claim to have been in direct contact with the son of God. Techniques of de-extinction in conjunction with modern crime scene analysis, could provide a reliable pipeline towards prophecy fulfillment.3

Candidate Organisms:
  • Buffalo (White)
  • Calf (Red)
  • Homonid (Messiah-type)
  • Sea Beast (Behemoth-type)

1. 2. 3.

If not now, when?  

Siren Genomics serves a unique partnership between biotechnology, mythology, and eschatology.